AVIATION Connectivity Services

MVS offers L Band Aeronautical Satcom solutions from Inmarsat.

Inmarsat keeps people in touch at 35,000 feet in the sky. Inmarsat provides the ultimate inflight connectivity experience for the entire aircraft, from voice and safety communications in the cockpit to high-speed, reliable broadband in the cabin.


Swift Broadband – LATEST SYSTEM

Always on aviation

The always connected passenger demands a data service to meet their needs and our industry standard. SwiftBroadband high-speed data solution gives them the results they want every time.

Flight crews benefit, too – SwiftBroadband delivers non-safety communications in the cockpit to provide access to real-time information via IP connectivity.

SwiftBroadband is secure, functional and compatible with government-grade encryption standards. Delivering up to 432kbps per channel (for HGA), it’s always on to meet the needs of its customers.

System features

All SwiftBroadband solutions provide simultaneous voice and IP data communications – with guaranteed minimum connection rates. Whatever the size or type of your aircraft, or the needs of your crew or passengers – from full access to Wi-Fi, email, media streaming services to in-seat mobile phone and text services. Optimum connectivity is available on demand.

Trusted, global, L-band reliability

SwiftBroadband operates over Inmarsat’s I-4 satellite constellation, covering all major aviation routes, and every hidden island getaway, worldwide. Our L-band network can be relied upon by the aviation industry, with the redundancy and resilience to guarantee 99.9% network availability.

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Swift 64

Swift 64 provides a range of fast, flexible and secure data applications for cockpit and passengers.

The in-flight broadband speeds it provides helps to improve the passenger experience, while giving the flight deck better bandwidth, improving planning, weather and chart updates. It also delivers a high-quality voice service, comparable with land-based fixed phone services.


Swift 64 is a circuit-switched, Mobile ISDN service providing the same high-quality speed as terrestrial ISDN.

The symmetric service to and from the aircraft supports one, two or four-channel avionics. Higher bandwidth can be achieved by bonding up to four 64kbps channels together – yielding up to 256kbps or higher with data compression.

Fast and flexible

In its 64kbps-per-channel form, Swift 64 provides ample bandwidth for flight planning, weather and chart updates.

Enhanced data

Optional bonding of channels yields up to 256kbps and data compression allows for optimisation of channel usage by conveying larger amounts of data in the same timeframe.

Secure connections

Compatible with government-grade encryption and secure standards, including STU-IIIb and STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent.

Global coverage

Delivered within the Inmarsat-3 regional beams.

Iridium Helicopter Connectivity Truly Takes Flight

Trusted in more than 15,000 helicopters worldwide, Iridium is the only satellite communications company to offer:

Connectivity under moving rotor blades due to optimal degree “low look” angle connectivity near the horizon

A range of solutions designed to address the specific needs of helicopter operators, including HEMS and HUMS data reporting, flight tracking and operational efficiencies in fleet management or VIP passenger communications.