MVS assists with Brazilian elections by supplying 1400 Inmarsat BGANs

MVS USA’s team was selected again in 2018 by the Brazilian government to provide satellite connectivity to remote voting centers. This solution was created by MVS to ensure a safe and secured means to transmit local voting results.

In winning the opportunity to once again support the elections in Brazil, MVS continues to cement itself as the ‘Election Company’ within the satellite industry,” said Deborah Deffaa, CEO of MVS USA. “We have the Continue reading

Inmarsat Network Maintenance on 11/09/2018

Dear Distribution Partner and End Users,

Inmarsat has distributed the below Bulletin in reference to upcoming maintenance to the  Inmarsat Network in the EMEA and MEAS satellite regions on September 11th.  A second maintenance window is scheduled for September 13th for the AMER and APAC satellite regions.  Minimum impact to the users is expected and should not exceed 2 minutes.  A copy of the bulletin is attached for your reference.        Continue reading

Inmarsat Alert : Notification of Restoration of Services in Regions (08/27/2018)

Dear Partners,

At 09:36 UTC on August 28th, 2018 Inmarsat issued notifications of service degradation in all regions followed within 1 minute by a Notification that all services in all regions had been restored. We are presently confirming that this most recent degradation was a corrective action to resolve a degradation originally reported at 01:10 on August 28th, 2018.  We will advise as additional information becomes available on the cause and resolution of the degradation.  Truncated copies of the reported degradation and resolution are attached for your reference.

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MVS Facts : Did you know?

MVS is a true global Internet SP, MVS is a 25 year old global data managed network company and MVS is disaster proof.

1. MVS is a true global Internet SP. That means that MVS issues its own ARIN and RIPE internet addresses. As a global Internet SP, MVS has absolute control over its IP addresses and is entrusted by the European (RIPE) and American (ARIN) Internet Registries for secure housing, management and control of the addresses. No one else can buy them, trade them, hack them or access them.

2. MVS is not just Inmarsat. MVS is a 25 year old global data managed network company that works with Inmarsat, Intelsat and Iridium among others. MVS operates a world wide data network with it’s own MVS Cloud supported by MVS data centers on 2 continents. Protecting data is our business whether it is via satellite or land.

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