MVS USA has extensive experience since 2012 in providing data transmission services via satellite  to ensure that election results are relayed securely and properly via satellite to the authorities. MVS has successfully supported elections in Brazil, Ecuador, the Ivory Coast and the Philippines.

MVS and Elections

Since 2012, MVS has deployed its Election Network, a temporary closed-circuit network capable of transporting election data, via satellite, securely to the government authorized receiving point. Most recently in 2016, in Brazil, MVS’ private network supported nearly 1,400 MVS SIM cards activated in BGAN terminals

MVS has been building and managing remote communications networks to support elections around the globe for the past 6 years. In addition to its work in Brazil where 1350 BGANs were deployed, MVS has supported elections in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and the Philippines. In May, MVS successfully executed the largest remote communications project in the Philippines featuring more than 7,000 mobile satellite terminals. MVS’ network securely transmitted captured votes from those living in areas where Internet access is unreliable or unavailable to the Philippine Electoral Committee.


In winning the opportunity to once again support the elections in Brazil, MVS continues to cement itself as the ‘Election Company’ within the satellite industry,” said Deborah Deffaa, CEO of MVS USA. “We have the network reliability, global reach and the highest level of security to ensure that voters can be rightfully included in their country’s electoral process, no matter where they are geographically. We can set up our network in any country on short notice and the rigorous testing we manage in the months leading up to the election ensures that sensitive election data will always reach the appropriate destination without fail.”