End Of Life (EOL): SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D and SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D – FCC

As you may be aware new regulations for VHF Class D require all radios within this category sold by the manufacturer after November 1, 2018 to include a dedicated internal GNSS capability.  Per the regulation, any Class D radios sold by manufacturers after this date which rely on GNSS input from an external source will no longer fall within compliance.  Radios already in stock with our dealers can still be sold to end users without any issue.

The new regulations are explained in ITU-R M.493-14 (09/2015) and ETSI standard: EN301025 (v.2.2.1) of 2017-03.

As the SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D and SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D – FCC do not have an internal GNSS capability Cobham SATCOM cannot continue providing new units to our partners under the current product design.

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