MVS developed a unique added value system designed to empower demanding end-users and resellers. The FLEXX concept is designed to offer a maximum level of control over the actual network and thus provide a truly enhanced experience to the end users. In short, FLEXX gives the reseller or the end user control over the actual data flow.

FLEXX is Secure

No Direct Data Transfer Over the Internet

FLEXX as a Platform

• Direct access to actual traffic data
• No limits to Added Value Services
• Providers can install any application on a virtual server
• Monetization of Applications
• Purchase Apps from MVS’s Partners via dedicated portal
• Focus an Added Value Services VS Satellite Connectivity only
• Fully Secured

FLEXX as a Marketplace

• Reseller can add his products to the marketplace
• Reseller access to the marketplace
• End user access to the marketplace

FLEXX as an App Store

• Reseller access to App Store
• End user access to App store (tiered)
• All Apps are offered to large numbers of end users

Network Applications

• Network Connection at Iridium AZ
• Network Management
• Increased application efficiency (ex. TeamViewer)
• Enhanced Firewalls (ex. Palo Alto)
• Virtual Desktop
• VPN and Private lines

Value Added Services Applications

• Telemedicine
• 3rd Party DoD Solutions
• Anti Virus
• Tracking Systems (GSATTRACK)
• Billing Solutions (ENIGMA by MVS)
• Local Number (SatCollect)
• Social Media based chatting
• Email & SMS Services
• Weather Applications (GRIB)
• Navigation
• Reporting systems
• Advanced SCADA
• Crew and Staff Safety (Anti Piracy)
• Maritime optimized archiving
• Trouble Ticketing Systems