I-3 to I-4 migration update: next regional migration date re-scheduled

The migration of Classic Aero, Fleet 77, Swift 64 and Inmarsat C services (to include Aero C and Mini C) from the Pacific Ocean Region (POR) I-3 satellite to the Asia/Pacific (APAC) I-4 satellite has been re-scheduled.

This decision was taken in collaboration with Inmarsat’s Land Earth Station (LES) operators to allow additional time for stability and validation testing to be performed. The new migration date will be advised as soon as possible.

The primary objective is to ensure that the migration process is as smooth as possible with minimum disruption caused to our customers and partners.

We thank you for your understanding and will continue to communicate with you throughout the planning and execution phases of the migration.

Additional information about the overall migration can be found on the Inmarsat website www.inmarsat.com/i3-i4-services-migration.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact MVS USA

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