MVS Facts : Did you know?

MVS is a true global Internet SP, MVS is a 25 year old global data managed network company and MVS is disaster proof.

1. MVS is a true global Internet SP. That means that MVS issues its own ARIN and RIPE internet addresses. As a global Internet SP, MVS has absolute control over its IP addresses and is entrusted by the European (RIPE) and American (ARIN) Internet Registries for secure housing, management and control of the addresses. No one else can buy them, trade them, hack them or access them.

2. MVS is not just Inmarsat. MVS is a 25 year old global data managed network company that works with Inmarsat, Intelsat and Iridium among others. MVS operates a world wide data network with it’s own MVS Cloud supported by MVS data centers on 2 continents. Protecting data is our business whether it is via satellite or land.

3. MVS is disaster proof. As of 2018, MVS has built it’s own cloud creating full redundancy between its data centers across 2 continents. No matter if there is a weather disaster or terrorism, in the event of failure on one continent, all data communications seamlessly and automatically transition to the MVS data center on the alternative continent. Our architecture has been loyal to the concept of true redundancy, ensuring that there are dual independent undersea fiber pathways between each MVS data center and each Inmarsat and Satellite operator interconnected SAS in the US and Europe.

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