MVS Ready for Iridium CERTUS Maritime AND Land

MVS USA Selected by Iridium to Deliver CERTUS High-Speed Data and Voice Service

Company Developing a New Platform, FLEXX, to Deliver CERTUS to Partners, Providers and End-Users

Hawthorne, New Jersey, January 25, 2018 – MVS USA Inc., a leading satellite communications solutions provider, today announced the signing of an agreement with Iridium Communications that will enable the company to deliver the Certus data and voice service using its new FLEXX platform in development. Certus is Iridium’s new, secure, worldwide high-speed data network designed to dramatically enhance global satellite service. The service is powered by the new Iridium NEXT constellations of satellites, recently launched by SpaceX.

MVS USA’s FLEXX for CERTUS system is built on the similar Virtual Distribution Partner (VDP) program that has supported network, dashboard and billing for other direct Iridium distribution partners and service providers for over a decade. Developed on the company’s resilient Telecom Infrastructure Network, FLEXX is a secure platform that allows for multiple connections, enabling end users, service providers, and resellers to leverage the full power of Iridium’s new constellation without investing in infrastructure and with minimal cap-ex. The ability to establish secure communications, provide billing solutions, data compression, tracking applications, video conferencing, weather data and more is accessible to users by connecting to FLEXX servers.

Addressing a group of prospective Certus resellers on a recent conference call, MVS USA’s CEO, Deborah Deffaa, commented, “With Iridium’s Certus and the powerful FLEXX gateway, MVS USA is confirming its leadership in the satellite communications industry and renewing its confidence in Iridium’s wonderful future.”


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