MVSAT satellite based products and services are designed to provide Internet, voice, and data for critical services where conventional service is nonexistent, marginal or unreliable. There are three distinct service offerings to choose from depending on your needs and requirements:


Full-time Unlimited access, a good choice for remote locations where no other service is available.  Ideal for remote sensing, file-transfers, or high-volume voice and data customers.
Daily A daily unlimited-use access plan for: disaster recovery, first responders, special events (sports, concerts, festivals, conventions, etc.), short-term remote monitoring and surveillance, scheduled outages, temporary telephone restoral, ATMs, etc.
Continuity of service Automatically switches over from the primary internet provider to satellite if an interruption is detected.  Service is provided in one-hour blocks.  Good if the goal is to provide redundancy to sites with critical needs.


MVSAT® is a managed-network shared TDM/TDMA satellite service.  It is offered in multiple bandwidths in two configurations, 5:1 contention and 10:1 contention.

Bandwidth is listed as burst capacity.  The 5:1 plan means it is oversubscribed with five users sharing the same bandwidth.  If all five users are fully using the service each will have a guaranteed rate (CIR) of 20% of their burst capacity.  If there are users not currently using their bandwidth it is made available to the active users in equal proportions.  Likewise the 10:1 plan offers a CIR of 10% but at a discounted rate.

All of the service options route through our gateway facility in Mountainside, MD. and connect to diverse routing capabilities, providing exceptionally low latency and jitter. Each of the service types mentioned can be paired with hardware options that fit a client’s unique needs and applications.


Fixed Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT)s ranging in size from 1.2 to 1.8-meters in size are generally used for the Full-time or Continuity of Service (COS backup) classes of service. 

These are stationary and easily installed at the client’s premise either on the roof or in the ground. Base systems include an antenna, BUC (transmitter), LNB (low noise block converter), satellite modem and 100 feet of interconnect cable. A site survey can be performed prior to any installation and is recommended to determine a clear look to the satellite from the preferred terminal location, cable run access and distances between the outdoor equipment (antenna, BUC and LNB) and the indoor equipment which is the satellite modem. In a lot of instances, we will work with a client provided technical site contact and can determine the best option for installation over the phone and a few e-mail exchanges.

If a client does not have a technical site contact or cannot provide assistance in gathering the required information prior to installation, MVS USA can dispatch a technician to the site to perform the survey as long as the client can provide access for the technician to all locations needed.

Some of the things not covered under a standard installation are but not limited to: permits, crane rental and extended cables runs.  All of these unknowns can be determined and priced during the site survey process.



MVS USA provides client options for mobile auto-acquire antenna terminals. These terminals with a push of a button can automatically align with the correct satellite, negotiate with the network management system and be operational in under five minutes. With minimal training, these terminals can be operated by non-technical personnel. These terminals are most commonly used with the daily service offering for applications such as incident response or disaster recovery, but can be used with the Full-time and COS (backup) services as well. Sometimes clients use a mix of terminal types, whereas a Full-time client may move the mobile component around to support locations under construction until conventional services are available. There are three different mobile auto-acquire terminal types:

85 cm Single Case Fly Away Antenna / 16-watt

  • Works with all MVSAT plans
  • No assembly required
  • Automated operation for non-technical users
  • Great for voice services, data, video conferencing
  1.0 m Fly Away Antenna / 16-watt

  • Works with all MVSAT plans
  • Tool free assembly
  • Automated operation for non-technical users
  • Great for voice services, data, video conferencing
  • Very portable
  1.0 m Vehicle Mount Antenna / 16-watt

  • Works with all MVSAT plans
  • Easy setup – Park, power and deploy
  • Automated operation for non-technical users
  • Great for voice services, data, video conferencing
  • Used for vehicle or trailer mount operations



MVS USA’s  MVSAT® solutions provides coverage to all fifty of the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. It also has very good coverage north of the border in Canada.



  • Primary Satellite: Galaxy-16
  • Gateway locations: Mountainside, MD; Clarkson, NJ
  • Terminal power and access fully automated


Satellite Network Access Issues- Technical Support Available 24 hours per day
Trouble Accessing the Satellite due to Network Issue – No charge, included with satellite time
Examples: Hub management Issues, Satellite Outage, Access Denial

Hardware Troubleshooting Issues or Operator Error

Customer Support Hours:  Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time (billed on an hourly basis)
Routine Testing – Must be scheduled in advance. Testing hours: Mon – Fri 7:30 am – 4:30 pm Pacific Time  

Premium Support Plan (contact sales for pricing)

  • Priority Service with a guaranteed response time of 1 hour
  • Unlimited after hours technical support calls

Extended Warranty, Premium Support plan with Advance Replacement Service


  • Priority Service with a guaranteed response time of 1 hour
  • Unlimited after hours technical support calls
  • Multi-year Advance Replacement of baseband electronics components, many antenna parts including GPS, compass, LNB, BUC and waveguide.  

During the Maintenance Period, MVS USA will replace any defective component with the same equipment or a suitable replacement to perform the same function.  Replacement part will be shipped to the customer within 24 hours via overnight service if available.

Customer agrees to return the defective equipment to MVS USA upon request.

Customer is responsible for equipment shipping costs.

Complete antenna replacement or additional parts to be handled on a time and materials basis.   

On-site maintenance is available on request.