New Iridium to Iridium unlimited voice plan

Iridium Handset users will be able to purchase the Unlimited Iridium to Iridium (ISU-ISU) Voice option for select postpaid plans. This feature will allow Iridium Subscribers to make unlimited ISU-ISU voice calls for an additional small fee (to be determined) per month. The Unlimited ISU-ISU Voice option is available to all current and future Iridium Subscribers on any one of the postpaid plans listed below. There is no minimum monthly commitment associated with the Unlimited ISU-ISU Voice option and it is subject to the same proration terms and conditions as Iridium postpaid telephony plans. Iridium Subscribers on the Unlimited ISU-ISU Voice option are subject to the Iridium Fair Access Policy (contact MVS for details on the fair access policy). This offer does not apply to any other Iridium terminal (ex. IridiumGO!, Certus, Pilot, etc.)

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