The ThurayaPrepay SIM card is well-suited for Thuraya satellite phone customers who wish to purchase prepaid airtime rather than sign up for a billed-monthy account.

Coverage area : Africa, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, India, Australia

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Voicemail and GmPRS data capability are FREE on all plans. Your monthly airtime invoice will include detailed call logs sent directly to your email address unless USPS delivery is requested.  Plans with 2-month initial term commitments are available for seasonal applications and your first month will be pro-rated.  Various bundles sizes of GmPRS data are available for users requiring internet access.

GmPRS data mode achieves internet speeds up to 60 kbps (download) and up to 15 kbps (upload). An optional Static IP address is available for an additional monthly charge.
Band 1 Calls include all calls from the Thuraya satellite phone while in Thuraya-mode to public switched telephone numbers (PSTN) in the United States or any other country not specifically listed as being in Band 2 or 3.

• Monthly fee: $34.95 per month

• Monthly bundle: N/A

• Initial term: 2 month (first month pro-rated)

• Thuraya to Band 1: $1.89 per minute

• Thuraya to Turaya: $1/09 per minute

• GmPRS Internet access: $3.99 per MB

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